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About Jumping Giraffe

Jumping Giraffe are a group of people looking for solutions to problems. That sounds all very grand but it isn’t really, we are leaving the big problems like World peace and famine to other people and concentrating on the smaller problems, like representing your business online.

Jumping Giraffe started out as a Website Design company but soon branched out into other areas. Although we are still producing some great websites for our clients, we are now also doing so many cool things.

Security Jumping Giraffe Secure your website!

Serious face time now Jumping Giraffe Serious Face, security of your website should not be left to your hosting company to worry about. As you may have seen in the news websites are being hacked every day! Click HERE to learn more about how we can help your website become more secure.

Speed  Jumping Giraffe Fast Fast Speed Speed Quicker Websites

Did you know the main reason people leave websites quickly is because the site is slow? Well it’s true!

More people surf the internet on mobile devices than desktop PCs, having a faster website is getting even more important!


WOW so much to read, here is a little web designer joke to cheer you up whilst you continue reading about Jumping Giraffe:

I’ve just started a band called 999 Megabytes. We haven’t done a gig yet.

Website Management

We have left the best until last, you maybe thinking “I create a website, keep adding content to it and all will be fine”. Did you know running a website you also should be doing the following?

  • Monitoring the website for hackers
  • Testing backup procedures to ensure you are prepared
  • Ensuring all software is up to date
  • Make sure all the links on the website actually go somewhere

We have checks in place to ensure all our clients websites are covered for the worse scenario.

If you would like more information click to our Website Management page.


Jumping Giraffe Founder Stuart Cole

Herd Bull Stuart Cole looking worried about this interview!

Well that’s it about the company, would you like to know about the founder? Here’s our little interview with the herds Bull Giraffe Stuart Cole:

When did Jumping Giraffe open for business? The business started in April 2014.

Why does Jumping Giraffe exist? To create websites that utilise the latest technology to help market our clients services or products.
Additionally we have designed website tools which are in development to help webmasters manage their websites.

What experience do you have? Although Jumping Giraffe only started in 2014 I have been creating websites for over 15 more years.

What can Jumping Giraffe do that other design companies can’t? A lot of website design companies create their sites first then think about how it will perform in search engines afterwards. Jumping Giraffe design and create websites which are optimised guided by the search engines from the start, no need to make ‘fixes’ afterwards.

Why choose Jumping Giraffe? We will work with you in creating the right website for your business and design it in a way that it is optimised to perform well in search engines and above all we will be completely transparent about our work, just like this interview really!

We are a small web design company who puts their heart and soul into every project, because of this we can only manage a certain amount of clients at any one time. It is important to us to keep producing quality websites. Contact us today to discuss your website design ideas.

Finally we are on the normal social media channels, if you follow us on Twitter, Google+ or  Pinterest we’ll see you there!