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The title of this short post seems a little unusual but maybe a little example will help.

Lets say your current live site is hosted with the hosting company HOST1.
When your new site becomes live it will be hosted with hosting company HOST2.

If you have a local server to work on a new site then this post is not for you.

To be able to see and therefore work on your websites new version you need to bypass the DNS lookup so your browser of your PC so it finds the new versions IP address and therefore location.
To do this you will need to tell your PC or MAC that whenever you enter in this domain name to display the new version instead. If your hosting provider doesn’t provide a function to do this, or it doesn’t work then this is what you can do instead.

Updating Hosts file on Windows PC

1. Open NOTEPAD with Admin permissions, you can do this by right clicking on the NOTEPAD icon if you do not have the permissions as default.
2. Open the following file in NOTEPAD: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Updating Hosts file on Linux or Mac OSX

1. Open the following file :
Mac OSX: /private/etc/hosts
Linux: /etc/hosts
2. You will probably need to use sudo to gain root privileges to edit the file.
3. Open a terminal and run sudo nano /etc/hosts

Once you have this file open and ready to edit, copy the following at the bottom of the file:

eg: 111.222.333.444

You can find your domains IP address from your hosting provider, it is normally displayed in the cpanel or other domain hosting control panels.

Save the file

From now on whenever you enter in your domain name it should take you to the new version.