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The .htaccess file on your web server holds server based commands, for example you may wish to redirect one page on your website to another, this is where you would add that command.


This post however is not about what the .htaccess file can do but what you can try if after updating the file the change has not taken place.


  • Obviously you should double-check that you have the syntax correct.
  • Make sure the .htaccess file is placed in the root directory of your webserver.
  • Clear your cache of your browser, if you are not sure try using a different PC/MAC/Tablet/Phone to test the command or reboot your PC just to make sure.
  • Refresh the “Application Pool”, this is required on some web servers. This is found in your control panel of your website under the “Windows Configuration’ section.


Hope that helps, if we come across anything else in the future we will update this post.