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Volusion is a popular e-commerce software to allow website to sell products online.

If you are using Volusion’s API you will need a user account to use in the URL, if you use a normal account the password would need to be reset every 90 days. This is the procedure you need to follow to create an account that does not expire after 90 days.

Creating an account user which doesn’t expire – API
When using an API with Volusion you will need to create a user account that will not ask for the password to be reset ever 90 days. Volusion have this security check in place to help stop your account from being broken into.

But however you don’t want this if you are only using for the API login.

So start off by creating a new account:

Select CUSTOMERS and then ACCOUNTS in the dashboard.
Now press the ADD button.
Fill in a name like API or NO90DAYS and also add a new email address. This email address must not have been used before and will not be used in the normal way (this is important!).
Make sure the Access for the account is ADMINISTRATOR.
Press SAVE.

Now go into the API screen:
Then click the on the Volusion API tab.
In the top right hand corner there is a button which says GET HELP. Click this.
Scroll down this page to the bottom and click on the link called VOLUSION API INTEGRATION HELP.
On the screen select IMPORT checkbox (it should be on EXPORT as default) then select the email address you have just created in the dropdown box (its the second dropdown box).

Get the API URL:
On this screen there are a few collapsed tabs, the first one should be open (called: URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting). Scroll down this tab to the bottom and the last line should contain the URL you need for the API.

Never login into Volusion with this email account otherwise you will need to start all over again.