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‘You run your business whilst we manage your website’

Whether you are in charge of maintaining your companies international eCommerce website or one of your many tasks is managing your small businesses website the chances are you are already busy enough. Making sure your website is running the most up to date version of your theme, plugins or even operating system is very important to keep your website secure.

Why does it matter my websites software is up to date?

There are several important reasons why you should ensure all aspects of your website are monitored and updated as quickly as possible if a new version is released.

1. Security – The Internet is not a safe place to store your data unless it is protected. Just like you would install an Anti-virus software on your computer your website also needs protection.
New types of online viruses are created all the time, many pray on out of date plugins, themes or bespoke code. Any good developer will update their code to stop any new viruses but they will most likely not inform you when this version is available. Our Website Management service will ensure all your software is kept up to date.

2. Services – another reason plugin or theme developers send out updates is to offer improved service.

Is this only needed for big websites?

All websites need monitoring and maintenance, the size doesn’t matter.

Does this service cost the same whether the my website is large or small?

We use a sliding scale price structure, the smaller the site the less you pay.

What is included in the Website Management service

Quite simply we will make sure your website is running as quickly and securely as possible, we analyse all aspects of your website and make recommendations on where improvements can be made. We can make these changes or if you prefer you can arrange for your website developer to perform them.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch!