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What We Do

Jumping Giraffe are a small bespoke website design company. Our clients often know what they want from their website but can’t find the solution. Jumping Giraffe will work with you to ensure your website is exactly what you and your business needs.

Not sure what you need/want from your new website?

Often we get a call saying:
“Hi, we feel our current website is tired and looks dated however we just don’t know what we need from a new website”.
If that is you then get in contact, if only to pick our brains on what we recommend for your business.

New websites

Creating brand new websites is our bread and butter business. However we think we go about creating websites differently to other agencies. Because our parent company is a very successful SEO agency we start all our projects from where you want to be at the end. If for example you want an e-commerce website that sells pencils and a large portion of your traffic will be from organic search engine clicks, then we will design the website to get the end goal.
It’s so often the case that websites need to re-written because the end goal was an after thought.


If you are not familiar with some of the terminology of websites don’t worry we only talk in English!
CMS is one of those terms you may have come across, it stands for Content Management System, basically it means there is a system behind your website that manages all your content. It will keep all your posts and pages of your site together and ensure it is easy to look after.
There are many CMS systems out there, more arriving every month, so which one to choose?
Again it really depends on your website goals, we can advice and implement the correct solution.


E-commerce is one of those terms you might have come across but not completely sure what it means. Basically it means websites that sell products or services many using a shopping cart system. A prime example would be Amazon who are one of the biggest currently (until we launch your one of course! Jumping Giraffe Smile ).
As you can imagine e-commerce websites need to be very organised, making sure all those products are displayed in the correct place and are very easy to update.
As with CMS’s there are quite a few e-commerce platforms out there and each of them have different levels of customisation.

Bespoke code

Here at Jumping Giraffe we don’t just create brand new websites, it is very common to get a request for a widget or bit of code to perform a task. Obviously this is very bespoke so we recommend having a chat to help choose the correct way to get the result you are after.


Every website needs to be hosted somewhere, think of this as saving your documents on your computer’s hard drive, you also need to save your websites files on a server which is connected to the internet.
Providing a hosting service is very expensive with millions of pounds in investment for data centre’s with fast and resilient servers. Therefore we wisely decided to partner up with a company which has spent all those millions of pounds instead.
We have spent a lot of time choosing our hosting partner and have gone through many to get to our goal. Why is it that important you may ask, head over to our website hosting page for more details.
We have done all the hard work and feel that we have identified the best hosting solutions in the UK.
We even managed to get a discount for our customers, so a win win!

Domain Name Registration

If you are starting from fresh and haven’t even bought or thought of your website name then this is your first job. Once again depending on your website goal we can steer you in the direction of type of domain name to buy, should it be a .com,, .uk or even a .net.
We of course can help you decide which would suit the type of website you are creating. If you would like read some pointers head over to our what type of domain name to buy page.